Are you a disc golf fan? Knightstown is ready for you! We’re thrilled to be part of the East Central Indiana disc golf trail. The best part of this trail is that it’s unofficial and your path is entirely up to you based on where your travels take you. We’ll highlight our favorite local courses here in Knightstown, Indiana, and then give you some tips for courses in the surrounding region. If you’re looking for additional fun, outdoorsy things to do while you’re in town, check out our recent article, Father’s Day Celebration Ideas.

What is disc Golf?

If you’re a seasoned pro, go ahead and skip this paragraph. If you’re new to the sport, we’ll give you some of the basics. In fact, you have probably already seen a disc golf course at your local park or green space. The simplest way to describe disc golf is: golf played with frisbee-like discs. There are targets (those baskets you’ve probably already seen) and players aim to get their disc in the basket. You make your next throw based on where the disc landed from your previous throw.

Disc golf is a family-friendly sport. You don’t need much equipment to get started – one disc per person will do – although you can get sets that provide better throwing outcomes, like putters, mid-range, and high-speed driver discs. The Professional Disc Golf Association has a great article on how to get started at this link. Next, you need to find your disc golf course and plan an excursion. That’s where Knightstown comes into play!

Boondocks Farm Disc Golf

Coming in at #9 in the state of Indiana, it’s Boondocks Farms Disc Golf Course. This is also the site of Boondocks Barn & Lodge, which is an event venue, so don’t be put off by other cars headed to the lodge or barn. The property is called Montgomery Creek Ranch. You’ll find a pay box where you can leave payment to use the course ($5) or pay for a year’s membership. Rumor has it that they’re working on setting up Venmo, so there may already be a cashless payment option.

There are 18 holes at Boondocks and other players have been working on uploading photos of each hole, so you can check out those images here. There are tournaments throughout the year and some of them come with great cash prizes. You’ll want to refer back to the Disc Golf Scene website for specifics and an updated schedule.

Great Course! Open tree-lined fairways, tight wooded holes, uphill and downhill elevations all on a secluded farm just off the interstate with easy access! Well maintained private course!

Joe H.

8001 S. Grant City Road, Knightstown, IN 46148

Sunset Park & Splash Pad

Sunset Park’s disc golf course is one of the newest courses in Knightstown. The Knightstown Park Board held a fundraiser in 2021 and locally businesses and organizations chipped in to make this a reality. It was designed by Jerry Suiter and boasts nine targets. It’s especially nice if you have others with you that aren’t fans of the game: the park also has a playground, basketball courts, baseball diamond, space for cookouts, and access to two bodies of water (Montgomery Creek and a spring-fed lake that’s stocked for fishing).

Since it’s so new, it hasn’t been reviewed as much as our more established course, but we’re hoping you’ll be among the first to tell us what you think!

201 S. Hill Street, Knightstown, Indiana 46148

Image Credit: Google Maps

Winter Indoor League

If you’re close enough to manage the drive regularly, you’ll want to join us for our Next Level Disc Golf Indoor League. Our most recent league occurred over six weeks in January/February. The iconic Hoosier Gym hosted and we had special guests, prizes, and a pizza party to celebrate an incredible experience. This event is fairly new to the area, so we suggest following Next Level Disc Golf directly on social media to keep apprised of their next league event.

Image of an indoor disc golf course at The Hoosier Gym. Players are waiting to throw their discs.
Image Credit: Next Level Disc Golf Facebook

Continuing the Trail

We don’t have to tell you how to use Google Maps… but if you’re curious about making a multi-day trip out of the disc golf trail in East Central Indiana, all you need to do is choose a starting point and explore the parks and courses in that area. Heading northbound, look for New Castle and Muncie, Indiana. If your destination is east, use Richmond, Indiana as your search parameters. West of Knightstown is Indianapolis, and you’ll find plenty of courses available in the city and surrounding suburbs.