Hoosier Gym

Home of the Hickory Huskers from Hoosiers

The historic Hoosier Gym is well known and loved by many all over the United States. Most know Hoosier Gym because of its debut in the 1985 Oscars nominated movie Hoosiers. But there is more to the Hoosier Gym than a shrine to the iconic basketball movie. For the community of Knightstown, it is a gymnasium, museum and community center. It has a more than 100-year history and a brighter future.

Located in the heart of Knightstown, only a couple of minutes from the historic downtown, the Hoosier Gym has been a must-see location for basketball fans and day-trippers alike. Boasting tens of thousands of visitors a year, the Hoosier Gym staff welcomes all guests. Grab a basketball and plan your visit to the iconic Hoosier Gym.


Hoosier Gym

Before the Hoosier Gym

The Hoosier Gym. or, as it was originally known, the Knightstown Gym, was built over 100 years ago to give youth in Knightstown the opportunity to enjoy access to a gymnasium. In previous years, children and teenagers alike played basketball on the third floor of the old Knightstown High School, which is now Knightstown Academy Place Senior Living Apartments.

After years of fundraising, investing and coordinating, the construction of the Knightstown gym was completed in 1921. The first game was hosted more than 100 years ago, featuring two rival teams, the Knightstown Falcons and the Sulphur Spring Blue Birds.

This gym has been home to countless high school basketball games and tournaments. Generations of basketball players have welcomed the opportunity to play on this historic court.

 During the Filming

When choosing a home gym for the iconic 1985 film Hoosiers, movie producers could not have found a better location that embodied the Hoosier spirit or, as some like to call it, Hoosier Hysteria. If you aren’t familiar with the Hoosier Gym, it was used as the filming location of the Hickory Huskers’ home gym.

The movie Hoosiers was filmed all over central Indiana at locations such as the Hinkle Fieldhouse at Butler University and New Richmond, which was the location of the fictional town of Hickory. The movie was loosely inspired by the true story of the 1954 Indiana State Champions from Milan High School. From 1954 to 1995, the state of Indiana hosted a single-class state-wide basketball tournament for all high schools. Compared to the high school classification system in place today, this increased the level of competition for many smaller schools.

Hoosiers Movie Display
Hoosiers Movie

More about the Hickory Huskers

Hoosiers is a story about a volatile basketball coach and a former basketball star who led a small-town underdog basketball team to a championship. To get a glimpse into the Hoosier Gym on screen, the movie is available for rent on Hulu, YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu or Amazon Prime Video. Some notable actors from this film are:

  • Gene Hackman as Coach Norman
  • Barbara Hershey as Myra Fleener
  • Dennis Hopper as Shooter
  • Maris Valainis as Jimmy Chitwood
  • Wade Schneck as Ollie
  • Kent Poole as Merle

Visit the Hoosier Gym

Are you interested in visiting the Hoosier Gym?

The Hoosier Gym welcomes walk-through visitors year-round.  Call to reserve a tour.

Location: 355 N Washington St, Knightstown, IN 46148

Phone Number: (765) 345-2100

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Outside of the Hoosier Gym

While the Hoosier Gym is one of our proudest assets and boasts tens of thousands of visitors a year, there are other things to see and do in Knightstown,  including a canoe launch, a historic Airbnb, boutique and antique shopping, local eateries and bakeries, a golf course, and so much more. Step outside the bounds of the Hoosier Gym and experience everything that Knightstown has to offer. Find out why Hoosiers Are Made Here!

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