Here in Knightstown, we get a lot of questions about our location, history and the Hoosier Gym. There is so much to know about Knightstown, and we have all the answers!

We are answering the most frequently asked questions about Knightstown. If we didn’t answer one of your questions. Make sure to check out the rest of the Visit Knightstown site, and you may find your answer; if not, send us a message. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Knightstown

Where is Knightstown Located? 

Knightstown is located only 30-minutes east of downtown Indianapolis in Henry County in Wayne township, right along the Big Blue River. It is easy to visit Knightstown. All visitors can find Knightstown right off interstate 70. Get our exact location here.  

Why is Knightstown Historic? 

Knightstown is historic for many reasons. First, Downtown Knightstown was designated as a historic district in 1985. Glen Cove Cemetery was also named on the 2018 National Registry of Historic Places. Many of the houses in Knightstown that have been meticulously cared for have been designated historic homes. This includes the Tower House, which you can rent out through Airbnb.  

When Was Knightstown Founded? 

Knightstown became a settlement in 1819. It was not a municipality until 1827. The town was founded and plotted by Waitsell M. Cary. It got its name from, Jonathan Knight, a civil engineer in charge of surveying and overseeing the construction of the National Road (U.S. Hwy. 40) across the state. Knightstown became a business destination when the railroad came to Henry County in 1853. 

Is Knightstown a Good Place to Live? 

Knightstown is a great place to live! Or, as the local saying goes, Knightstown is a nice place to visit but a better place to live. Whether you are a new professional, a young family, or a retired person, Knightstown has the potential to be your forever home. Knightstown allows residents to enjoy seclusion without isolation. You can enjoy the small-town community without being far from the convenience of the big city. Knightstown is also a very safe small town with excellent schools and even better people, but don’t just take it from us, check out a quote from a resident.  

“My family and I had a chance encounter coming through Knightstown and seeing a 1912 craftsman style homes for sale on Main St. We opened a business called Timeless Furnishings. It was to our complete surprise the level of support and care that came from our new neighbors and friends in our new town. I am forever grateful to these warm and welcoming people for all they have done for myself and my family.” 

What is There To Do in Knightstown? 

There are many things to do in Knightstown for all kinds of people. Whether you are an individual, married with kids or enjoying retirement, you can find something in Knightstown. Things to do in Knightstown include the following:  

What is Knightstown Famous For? 

Residents of Knightstown like to think we are famous for our hospitality and hardworking spirit. In reality, we are known for the Hoosier Gym. Hoosier Gym was the gym for the home team in the Grammy-nominated movie Hoosiers. Hoosiers is a story about a volatile basketball coach and a former basketball star who led a small-town underdog basketball team to a championship. If you are a basketball fan and want to visiting the Hoosier Gym, check out their website here.   

Get More Information About Knightstown 

Now that you know a little more about Knightstown, plan a visit! We have multiple amenities to enjoy, including local restaurants, three bakeries, adorable boutiques, a winery and a historic Airbnb. Learn more about what Knightstown has to offer.   

Find Out Why Hoosiers Are Made Here  

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