We’ve being doing some thinking about what makes small town travel so special. What makes people want to visit Knightstown? What makes them want to come back or tell their friends? Surely we’re not the first town to wonder about this, so we did some reading. It turns out that small town travel is on the minds of many small towns across the United States.

The Small Town Travel Master List

The answer is simple…and also not so simple. Creative folks from the tourism industry have assembled the must-have list of items that a small town needs to make itself desirable to visitors. We were eager to see where Knightstown stacks up among the competition, so we’re sharing this list and our evaluation of the opportunities for visitors in Knightstown.

The (Un)Official Small Town Travel Master List

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Commerce
  • Cuisine
  • Customs
  • Geography
  • History
  • People

Knightstown can definitely hold its own, according to these standards! Visitors want to see that we have some culture and unique factors that set us apart from everywhere else they’ve been or want to go. Basically, what makes Knightstown worth pulling off the interstate or planning a day trip? We’ll lay it out for you!

Small town architecture is meant to convey the story of our town – and that’s something that we are exceptionally proud of in Knightstown. We’re so proud that we’ve created an Historic Architecture Walking Tour guide to help you discover some of the amazing gems in Knightstown.

Art is another important aspect of small town travel. We’re taking a different approach here and asking you to think beyond art museums and consider film as another important visual art to be appreciated. If film is your thing, we can give you an experience like no other with the Hoosier Gym. The Hoosier Gym is an historic gymnasium that was featured in the film, “Hoosiers.” Fans from across the globe come here to take a tour, shoot some hoops, purchase memorabilia, and learn about the making of this classic movie.

If you’re looking for a more traditional art experience, we invite you to see everything our county has to offer and plan to visit some additional Henry County cities when you visit Knightstown.

Commerce is also something people want to see when they travel – and we’re pretty sure that doesn’t mean banks, attorneys, and offices (although we do have those and we’re incredibly proud of our small business culture!). You want to see shops, boutiques, and other stores meant to provide you with a unique experience: and we got ’em!

Cuisine is also a necessity. When we travel, we want local flavor. We want something new and exciting that you can’t get back home…and we expect you do, too. That’s why we assembled our official list of Where to Eat in Knightstown. Try it. Eat it. Thank us later.

Customs are also an important aspect of small town travel. We had to do a deeper dive on that one: after all, Knightstown doesn’t have a regional dialect or secret handshake, so what customs do we have that we can share with the world? We have events. Our local events are uniquely Knightstown and we’re so privileged to be able to share them with you.

Geography is easy. We’re outdoor people. When we’re not farming, we’re celebrating our natural features that make Knightstown special and finding ways to enjoy being outside. When you visit Knightstown, you’ll find natural resources, like the Big Blue River, and infrastructure we’ve created to help you enjoy being outside. See our full list here.

History is also a benefit to small town travel. Choose your era and you’ll find a reason to visit Knightstown (okay, maybe not “pre-history,” but you get the point). There’s a little something for everyone here and our best advice for getting started is in our blog.

Finally, people make it possible and desirable to visit small towns like ours. Are there notable figures from Knightstown? You bet! Do we think our everyday citizens are even more of a reason to visit Knightstown? Absolutely! We’re grateful for all the important people from our past. They’ve built our town into a place worth visiting – but our local folks keep it running and thriving. Visit us and say hello. Ask people their stories. Spend a few minutes to learn why they chose Knightstown.

Perks of Small Town Vacations

Ultimately, each person or family chooses what motivates them to travel to a small town and spend a vacation there – no matter how brief. So what motivates YOU? Even if you haven’t been to Knightstown (add it to your list!), choose one of the images below to post your reason why you love small town vacations on social media, tag us, and share a link to this article so your friends and followers learn more about this affordable, low-stress way to enjoy life.