It’s that time of year when people start making New Year’s Resolutions. Most people head towards health-related resolutions, but we’re suggesting something even more achievable: resolve to visit Knightstown.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a resolution you’ll keep!

Resolutions – And How to Make Them Work

Did you know on average, only 9-12% of people manage to keep their New Year’s Resolutions? Most of the time, it’s because people choose unrealistic goals for themselves that they had no ability to achieve…or they forgot about their resolutions…or they made too many resolutions to feasibly keep!

What we’ve found is that many people focus on health, saving money, self-improvement, and travel. In order to achieve these things, experts suggest that you need to start planning ahead of time. Don’t wait until the ball drops at 11:59 on December 31 to decide what you’re going to achieve this year! They also say New Year’s Resolutions are easier to accomplish when you set measurable goals.

Measurable goals often follow specific guidelines that are called “SMART Objectives.” SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Write down your resolution so that anyone reading it can understand it, know what will be done, and who will do it. We suggest applying these business tactics to your travel plans and other areas of life you want to improve. We also have one very specific New Year’s Resolution in mind for you…

Resolve to Visit Knightstown

We’ll give you an example of a great way to make a resolution and then break it down so you can apply this tactic to other projects and travel plans.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to spend a day trip antiquing in Knightstown in Spring of 2023 with my best friends.”

You, hopefully.
  • Specific: Who are you taking to Knightstown and what are you going to do?
  • Measurable: This one is easy! Did you go to Knightstown in 2023 like you said you would? We hope so!
  • Achievable: Can you achieve visiting Knightstown? We know you can! It’s a short drive from Indianapolis and Dayton. You can turn it into a day trip or make a weekend out of it. Not only is it easy, but we think you’ll find out there’s a ton to love about East Central Indiana and you’ll start planning trips to our surrounding cities!
  • Relevant: Is visiting Knightstown relevant to you and the times? We think so. Traveling more is a very common New Year’s Resolution. If you’re just getting started or your travel budget is small, start with trips to small towns to build your confidence and stretch your money.
  • Time-Bound: Plan your visit for a specific day, celebration, or season. For example, plan to join us for our Fall Festival season or choose to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day in Knightstown.
Image with the Knightstown logo and words: "Small Town Vacations Are Affordable."
You can afford to visit Knightstown!

Planning Your Visit to Knightstown

We’re going to make this easy for you and provide you with the best Knightstown travel tips – all in one place!

Start exploring the information on our website to plan your best day in Knightstown. When you come, don’t forget to tag us in photos you post. Use our social media handle, @goKnightstown, or hashtags like #goKnightstown and #visitKnightstown.

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