Do you love small towns – or are you on the fence about it? We’re big fans of the “little guy” and we think towns like Knightstown and our neighboring cities throughout East Central Indiana have a lot to offer you as a visitor or potential resident. Let us tell you all the reasons to love small towns and we’ll let you decide!

Peace & Quiet

Traffic is pretty mild in Knightstown – which is a major reason to love small towns! We also have some wonderful parks and outdoor spaces for you to enjoy when you visit or if you live here already.

You might enjoy:

What you might hear: laughing kids, a friendly dog, a lawn mower, music (when there’s an outdoor festival). What you won’t hear: constant sirens, honking horns, and construction sounds.

You’ll also enjoy quiet, peaceful nights while you slumber.

Reasons to love small towns: "Small town vacations are low-stress!"

Less Crime, Cleaner Spaces

One reason to love small towns is that they tend to have a more “community-based” feel to them: there’s less anonymity, which means we care about our town and how it looks. People don’t litter here as much as you see in larger cities. We also know and respect our neighbors, so there’s less petty and violent crime. You might want to check out our current statistics on a site like and compare them to your favorite large city.

Friendly Faces

Small towns give you the chance to make new friends. People you meet on the street or at one of our shops or restaurants want to get to know you and your story. So stop and take the time to say, “Hello!”

If you’re not the out-going type, that’s okay, too. You’re absolutely welcome here. We have all types of folks here in Knightstown and you’ll enjoy your visit no matter what.

Reasons to love small towns: "Small town vacations introduce you to new friends!"


Let’s face it: everything about small towns is less expensive. Dining. Lodging. Entertainment. Affordability is a major reason we love small towns. It’s less expensive to buy a house here and to shop for groceries here. It’s less expensive to open a business, too. Whether you’re here for a lifetime or a vacation, you’ll find Knightstown is a budget-friendly place to live or visit.

Image in Knightstown colors with the text, "Small town vacations are affordable," as one of the reasons to love small towns.

Fewer Neighbors – If You Want

In small towns, you can choose how close you live to your neighbors…or if you even want them at all! Some people really thrive on a close-knit community and we think you can still have that here, but it’ll be YOUR CHOICE on how close you actually live. If you want a lawn surrounding your house with a driveway, that’s available in Knightstown. If you want on-street parking as a bare minimum for your own space, you’ll find it here, too. If you actually do love to live close to others, you’ll also see more apartment-style living, but we’ve left the high-rise units and crowding parking lots to the cities! This goes for rental and tourist accommodations, too: you simply get more space in Knightstown.

Proximity To Other Cities

We love small towns because we can have the friendliness and affordability without sacrificing access to the amenities of larger cities. If you’re here for a short visit, Knightstown makes an excellent day trip destination. If you’re thinking about a more permanent stay, you’ll find that we make a good location for a commute to other cities.

  • Distance to Indianapolis, IN: 38.3 miles
  • Distance to Dayton, OH: 84.5 miles
  • Distance to Cincinnati, OH: 96.9 miles
  • Distance to Louisville, KY: 123 miles
  • Distance to Columbus, OH: 142.6 miles
Check out this amazing map made by Forge ECI: 60% of the U.S. population is within a day’s drive of East Central Indiana.

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