Things To Do In Knightstown

Do you love weekend road trips?  We do too!  If you are looking for something to do, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best things to do in Knightstown this weekend. 

Do you know what we hate? When we’re shopping and every store is selling the exact same thing!  UGH!  We’ve all been to those tourist-trap locations where it’s just shop after shop of cheap touristy stuff.  It’s like all the shops have ordered from the exact same wholesale website.  However, this is not what you will find here.  This East Central Indiana town is full of unique one-of-a-kind experiences, restaurants, and shops. 

The Best Things To Do In Knightstown This Weekend

Things To Do In Knightstown

Shop Main Street and The Square

Kick off the weekend by shopping downtown.  You’ll find a variety of great stores on our historic Main Street and the town Square.  Whether you’re looking for home décor, a new wardrobe, antiques, minerals from around the world, jewelry, essential oils, or something else – our merchants have something for you!

You’ll find the complete list of shops on our website’s What To Do page.

Hoosier Gym Knightstown Indiana

Explore What’s Unique To Knightstown

When on a road trip you’re looking for unique experiences and we deliver on that with Hoosier Gym. Did you know Henry County is the place where basketball lives? Hoosier Gym is not only where the movie Hoosiers was filmed back in the 1980s but, it also celebrates basketball history. You’ll want to take a shot at visiting our historic gym located only a few blocks from the town square.

Not only do we celebrate the history of basketball, but we also treasure the historic homes and structures in our community. If you’re a history buff you’ll want to make a pit stop at the Historic Knightstown Museum, founded in 1980, this organization offers a walking tour map of century-old homes. For a complete list of places unique to our community visit our What To Do page.

Itty Bitty Bakery
Itty Bitty Bakery

Enjoy Sweet Treats and Savory Delights

Of course, after shopping and touring the gym and historic homes we bet you’ll have worked up an appetite! One of the best things to do in Knightstown this weekend is to enjoy our variety of restaurants and bakeries. Pizza, pasta, burgers, and more – we have what you’re craving! Check our local eateries on the Where To Eat and Stay page on our website.

Visit Knightstowns Today

We may be small but we boast a variety of things uniquely Knightstown. Our tagline, Hoosiers Made Here, says it all. We are the place where Hoosiers are made, and by that we mean, people, products, experiences, AND movies. We look forward to seeing you in our community soon! To find the best places to shop, eat, and stay visit our website at

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